Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Because You Love to Hate Me: Top Villains that I Love to Hate!| Top Ten Tuesday

This week, for Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie week! This means that there is not an officially assigned topic, rather, you can choose to create your own, or dig back in the Top Ten Tuesday archives and pick one that you have never done.

My topic this week is Top Villains That I Love to Hate. I know it's not close to Halloween, nor is it close to really anything that is spooky or scary, but for some reason, I am in the horror mood.

Without further adieu, meet the villains that I simply just cannot stand (but in a good way!)

Voldemort from the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
Fun fact: Did you know that you are not supposed to pronounce the "t" in Voldemort? It's supposed to be Vull-deh-more rather than Vull-deh-more-t. Of course, depending on the accent you have, it might sound a little bit different. But, I'd just assume to say it like you have a British accent, (even though I think his name is French?)

This one has to be pretty obvious: I love to hate him because Harry, Hermione and Ron are my childhood friends, and I obviously wouldn't like anyone who threatened them.

While Voldemort may seem like a stereotypical villain who fulfills several tropes, he was also the first villain that I can remember reading about. He has his unique traits though, like the fact that his nose is basically non-existant and that his hugs are extremely awkward, so I suppose you could say that he also fits the bill in being a three-dimensional and somewhat relatable villain.

The Capitol from The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Okay, I know this isn't really a singular villain, but I never specified that in my challenge, now did I?

This one has to be pretty obvious too: Who in their right minds would not only allow the fighting to the death of children each year, but also encourage it? Although, I guess my blame really falls down to those that hold political power within the Capitol, and not just the citizens, because they may have been too scared to act against it. The Capitol makes the annual Hunger Games seem like a festival rather than a horrible punishment for what occurred years ago.

The Capitol is unique in the sense that it's a villainous system. Sure, I can name people who actively encouraged the games and promoted them, but then I would be leaving the system out. The Capitol somehow managed to use it's resources to brainwash citizens into believing that this would be a good thing, and have also somehow managed to quell the rebellions against it.

The Capitol is in-genius, I'll give it that. But, they always thought that they were the good guys, when in reality, all they did was make their people suffer. They portrayed themselves as saviors when all they were was nothing. Thank goodness we have someone like Katniss!

The One from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
This one is extremely vague, I know. But I can't disclose anymore information about this villain, otherwise it would ruin the entire story!

Let me say this though: I love to hate this villain because this villain seemed to step out of the shadows. I didn't know this villain straight out from the beginning and I still certainly don't know them at the end of the book. They are mysterious, sneaky, and know how to play the game to get exactly what they want, even when it involves making lives of others absolutely horrible.

Well done, Villain. Well done. You made me dislike you.

Who is your favorite villain of all time? Are they on this list? Are they not? Tell me who it is in the comments and why you just love to hate them!

What is your TOP TEN?

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