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Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Life by Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez

Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Life by Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez

Author: Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publish Date: May 5th 2014
Page Amount: 296 Pages
Price: $15.99 Paperback
" Meditations offering practical hope through biblical expressions of lament and God's relentless, unconditional love for the hurting.

Millions of women in the United States battle with after-effects of suffering so great they've developed post-traumatic stress disorder--the same suffering experienced by soldiers who've gone through war. Sexual and physical abuse, catastrophic accidents, abandonment, natural disasters, invasive medical procedures, and many other painful and overwhelming events can trigger symptoms they are little equipped to deal with and hard-pressed to recognize.

Love Letters from the Edge provides a voice for those struggling to express this pain and reveals intimate encouragement for those in desperate need to hear God's words of love and deliverance. This heartfelt devotional focuses on the profound laments in the book of Psalms. Each meditation begins with a letter from someone in the throes of despair and then offers a tender response to their pain from God's perspective.

Fresh, honest, and intimate, Love Letters from the Edge will reach readers who never expected to hear good news from where they are and point them toward the hope and healing of Christ." (Goodreads Description)

I am not completely finished with this book, but I am reviewing it, and I will explain why.

This book is NOT a story. This book is advise for REAL people going through REAL problems, that should never have to exist in the world.

Receiving this from a Goodreads Giveaway, I don't believe I was the right person to receive this book. This book should have gone to someone who really could have used it in their life, as I know a lot of people are hurting a lot more than I am.

I was really interested in reading the book because I wanted to know what the "letters" actually were. It seemed interesting to me and I wanted to see how these tragic events are portrayed in the eyes of someone who has experienced them. I couldn't have been more surprised.

The letters are absolutely amazing, and the majority of the ones I have read so far are structured in a way that the victim is asking God for His guidance, and His support, but also, often questioning His presence in their lives. The letters were written perfectly, and there was also a response after each letter to help the individual and plant hope back into their hearts.

After each letter was a prayer and "meditations" for an individual to perform who has been going through these tough times. Although I am not one of those individuals, I can really see how these can help a person who is.

That is why I am giving this book five stars - everything within can help to HEAL a person from the terrible events that have occurred. EVERYTHING, and I mean, EVERYTHING in this book is useful, to anyone who has gone through the unthinkable.

Thank you so much for writing this, and helping those people who have gone through the pain of life.

I was gifted a copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaway promotion.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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