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Abandoned Memories (Escape to Paradise #3) by MaryLu Tyndall

Abandoned Memories (Escape to Paradise #3) by MaryLu Tyndall

Author: MaryLu Tyndall
Publisher: Barbour Books
Publish Date: July 1st 2014 (originally published January 1st 2014)
Page Amount: 320 Pages
Price: $12.99 paperback
ISBN: 1616265981 (ISBN13: 9781616265984)
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"Something sinister lurks in the lush Brazilian jungle. . . .

It is 1866 and the fledgling Confederate colony of New Hope is Angeline Moore’s last chance at a normal life. Running from the law, she longs to make a fresh start in this new Southern Utopia. But a series of strange disasters threaten to destroy everything the colonists have worked for, and strange visions threaten to reveal a past Angeline is desperate to hide.James Callaway failed at both doctoring and preaching, but he hopes that his move to Brazil will give him another chance to become the spiritual leader he so desires. He longs to create a world free from the immorality that plagued every street corner back home and ruined his life. And he believes Angeline is just the sort of refined woman he needs to keep him on the right track.But something is amiss in New Hope: haunting visions, the discovery of crypts beneath an ancient temple, and an archaic Hebrew book, set the colonists’ fears on edge. When one of their own is murdered, a series of disasters leads them to believe God has brought them to Brazil to defeat an evil that, if unleashed, could wreak havoc on the entire world" (Goodreads Description)

This book follows the story of Angeline, who has moved to Brazil in the hopes of starting a new life. Appropriately named, New Hope is where Angeline and her friends can restart their lives. After Angeline's messy past, who would blame her?
James, on the other hand, was a doctor. But after his own experiences, even one drop of blood can terrify him and make him feel sick. He too, wants to restart his life, and there is one woman who he wants to restart it with.

But there is one problem. The island has many mysteries, from haunting visions from the past to extreme natural disasters, all of which threaten the colonies survival.

This is a GREAT read! While most book reviews focus on relationships with characters and plot development, I would like to focus my own review on Ms. Tyndall's unique writing style. Her exquisite choice of words kept me interested in the novel, and the way that her words can mesh and flow to create a story is beyond desirable for any author or writer. This, combined with all of the other elements of a great novel, make this a story I would never pass up.

The main characters, James and Angeline, are very well developed. Angeline and James have specific personality traits that set them apart from the rest of the characters, and paired with the interesting and insightful back stories that these characters possess, the reader is sure to find and identify with their personalities.

However, not all of the characters were like this. Several of the characters, like Sarah and Eliza, did not have the development that I was searching for. I wanted to connect with them deeply, almost as much as I connected with Angeline and James. I wish there would have been more of a back story on these characters and more of the story dedicated to these characters. However, I do realize that the story is meant to focus around Angeline and James, and had I read the first two novels, I would have received the background that I was hoping for. 

Other than this, I do believe that this novel was a very great and exciting read. I did not read the first two novels, so I may not have had the background I needed to fully connect with this story, but I really do feel that this can be read as a stand-alone. There never seemed to be a dull moment in this novel. I truly enjoyed reading this novel, and I do hope I can read another one of Ms. Tyndall's novels soon! I definitely will be picking up the first two novels in this series!

I was gifted a copy of this lovely novel from a Goodreads Giveaway promotion.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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