Friday, July 22, 2016

Barnacle is Bored by Jonathan Fenske | Blog Tour & Review


Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publish Date: April 26th 2016
Page Amount: 40 pages
Price: $14.99 Hardback
ISBN: 1419701762 (ISBN13: 9781419701764)

Barnacle is stuck on the underside of a pier, wishing he had something to do. Every day is exactly the same. The tide comes in and Barnacle gets wet. The tide goes out and Barnacle dries off. Boring! Barnacle wants something exciting to happen. Then a colorful fish swims by. Barnacle bets the fish doesn't have a boring life. In the end, it turns out exciting isn't always better...

This picture book is an irreverent and playful answer to any child's declaration of boredom!

I knew right away that this book would be a perfect fit for my two cousins, Lola and Quinn. I was so excited to request this book for a review & to be a part of the blog tour! 

Of course, for this review to be authentic, I just had to have my cousins review it for themselves.

Pictured below is Lola, holding her book and wearing one of the buttons that was sent in the wonderful swag pack! I didn't get her reaction on video, but she was SO excited to get a new book and wear her button. She wouldn't take it off all day!

I decided to sit down with her and read the book to her right before she ate her afternoon snack. The pages are filled with vibrant, beautiful artwork that captures Barnacle's personality and outlook on his life. 

Barnacle is just so CUTE!

Personally, I loved how the majority of the page was artwork rather than text. In between all of the pages, Lola and I had discussions about what was happening in the picture, and she used those clues to help her digest what Barnacle was saying. (She can't read on her own yet, and there were a few animals that she didn't know, but seeing them in the illustrations helped her, I think!). 

This is an example of one of the pages. Barnacle mentions dolphins,and they are in the artwork. Lola could easily identify the dolphins on the page! 

As for Lola, she was smiling and laughing at almost every turn of the page. She was shocked at the ending of the book, which I won't reveal here, and she wanted to read it again and again! 

My younger cousin Quinn also wanted it read to him a little bit later. He was laughing harder than Lola and loved to point out Barnacle on the page and mimic his facial expressions. I think that Quinn really enjoyed it as well! 

Lola didn't know this the first time we read the book, but she noticed the little doodle on the cover page along with the signature! She had a little message to tell Jonathan. (Click on the video below!)

Thank you so much to Jonathan and Scholastic for letting me celebrate Barnacle is Bored, especially for it's paperback release! I know that my cousins absolutely adored this book and they cannot wait to read more like it!

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