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Winter Wonderland Feature #1: Natasha Romanova

It is finally December!

Do you know what that means? I can finally start my Winter Wonderland Feature!

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The character I picked today is Natasha Romanova from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics, and of course, Margaret Stohl's Black Widow: Forever Red. 

This is Natasha Romanova as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the Marvel movies!) 

Now, don't get me wrong, Natasha Romanova has tons of different characterization in all of the movies. In Margaret Stohl's Black Widow: Forever Red and in The Avengers, we know Natasha from her line "Love is for Children". In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see a more romantic and caring side to Natasha, and in Captain America: The Winter Solider, we see her friendship blossom with Steve Rogers (aka Captain America).

All of these Natasha's are still the same person, and I do not think it is as much of a lack of consistent writing as it is a piece of who Natasha is as a person now. But, that's a post for another time.

For this post, I'm going to be looking at my version of Natasha, which can be a combination of all of these things.

Here we go!

Headcanon #1: Spreading the Holiday Cheer

  • Natasha, originally, did not understand the idea of Christmas or why it was so important. Being trained in the Red Room, and essentially, growing up there, the joy and cheer of Christmas time was never something she was exposed to. So, when the time first came around with her new team of Avengers, Natasha was out of the loop. However, her best friend Hawkeye helped her to discover what the true meaning of Christmas is, and what the fuss is all about. 
    • Clint buys matching ugly Christmas Sweaters for the pair and he wears his every day. The first time he gave Natasha a sweater, she didn't wear it - "Clint, you know I'm not into this." - but it grew on her, and by the week coming up to Christmas, it wasn't uncommon to see her wearing the sweater around the tower. But if Clint called her out on it - "Hey, Tasha, nice -" "Clint, I swear to God if you tell anyone else" - you were in trouble. 
    • I have more headcanons for this one, I just wanted to show you one of them!
Headcanon #2: Christmas Shopping
  • Natasha always saves her money all year to go and purchase presents for the children and families that can't afford them that year. The first year she does this, she buys a few Barbie tolls, a few toy trucks, and even a few Avengers action figures, all to be donated to a worthy cause. As the years go on, her contributions get bigger and bigger. She purchases Christmas Trees and Menorahs for families that can't afford them, and even starts early preparations for Eid with the local Muslim community. 
    • She makes the decision (or, in her mind, the "mistake") to bring Clint along on one of these shopping sprees. He fills the cart with bows and arrows, along with targets, because "Everyone loves Hawkeye!" He makes the occasion by bringing along Santa hats for the pair, forcing Natasha to wear hers throughout the store. (Secretly, Natasha loves it). It isn't long before Clint leaks this to Tony, and now the Avengers have a giant shopping spree in which they invite all children to come to the toy store, pick out whatever they would like, and purchase it all. 

Because I love Natasha so much, I'll likely be adding onto these headcanons throughout the month through several Winter Wonderland features, and even broadening this category to the Avengers. I hope to have enough posts for these so that a Winter Wonderland can happen every day the week leading up to Christmas!

Now for the fun part. I get to tag who completes this challenge next. 

I tag: 

Have fun writing, and Happy Holidays! 


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