Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black Ice by Becca FitzPatrick EXTRAS!

Instead of sharing a review of Black Ice on my blog today, I will be sharing some fun little "extras" that I created while reading the book.

But wait, you may be wondering "Why is Sheridan not posting a review of a book she just read (and had ample time to review thanks to a break) on her blog?"

While I may not be posting a review of Black Ice on my own blog, you will be able to find one over at Book Nerd Addict very soon. This is because I participated in her BNA Review Exchange. All of the details about the BNA Review Exchange are over on that post, but to sum it up, Helena was nice enough to send me a book (this month, my choice was Black Ice) in exchange for a review. She even is so kind to allow me to keep Black Ice in my own home library! 

My review of Black Ice will be live on Helena's blog very soon, but I wanted to focus on doing something extra and fun. Plus, I think what I am going to post today ties into my review of the book. 

I decided to try out Goodreads' Status Update function. If you are currently reading a book, Goodreads allows you to post a "status update" - much like a tweet or a facebook post - about your feelings of the book so far. I never used this function regularly, and I figured it might be worth it to give it a shot!

Below, you can find all of my Goodreads Status Updates for Black Ice. I updated my "status" each time I finished a chapter - hence why some updates may occur 50 pages after one another and the next update will be 2 pages later. I did try my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so that I would not be giving away a plot twist or an ending to one of you potential readers. 

I hope this will give you a taste of Black Ice, and I hope you decide to pick it up too!

Goodreads Updates

* I received this book for free from Book Nerd Addict through the BNA Review Exchange. This in no way affects my review/opinion of the book!*


  1. OMG! I love this! I think you should do this all the time :) I loved your review and it is now posted. I also hope to work with you in the future. Happy reading xoxo

    1. Haha...I thought you would like this! I was thinking about it, as I saw some other book blogs that do it! I had fun too!

      I will definitely be working with you in the future!


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