Saturday, August 9, 2014

Meet Guest Blogger Anna!

Hello to all of the well-read followers of this fantastic blog!

I am Anna, and I am a new guest blogger! To introduce myself, I will outline the course my book obsession took throughout the years.

My reading fixation began in the earlier years of my existence with the not-so-popular-but-well-loved-by-me Molly Moon series. After being introduced to the idea of a girl hypnotist, I went for the obvious move and became enthralled by the mouse Geronimo Stilton and his (very short, unrealistic, but fulfilling) adventures in New Mouse City some of which included him breaking every bone in his entire body (and yes, every single one; even the bones in his tail) and  redecorating his entire house in less than two hours. I continued reading these extraordinarily short books. while remaining blissfully unaware of the storm approaching. This "storm" was barreling across the sea of students desks everywhere and straight towards me, threatening at any moment to take over my life. That "storm" was named Harry Potter.

At the time of the release of the last book, I was seven years old.  I never got to experience the joy of a midnight release or the hype of an endless discussion of book possibilities, but even through second and third grade, when a dog-eared copy of a Harry Potter book adorned the desktop of every student in my class, I never even wanted to pick them up. At that time I had the notion that every thing considered popular had to be terrible. This could be singers, movies, celebrities, and books - especially the Harry Potter series. My dad wanted me to read them. He purchased all of them and sat them on a desk, letting dust collect on their jackets and patiently waiting for me read at least one page.

After a while, I ended up giving in to the entire series. That fateful summer, we decided to drive twenty-one hours to Massachusetts. We listened to the Harry Potter books on tape, and I never looked back. Within a month, I had completed all of the books and was a Potterhead. My life was utterly consumed by the boy wizard.

The most bittersweet moment of my life was setting the final book down after finishing it. I let out one of the largest sobs ever to escape my mouth. It didn't really help that I was in a doctor's office and was too upset to explain that I was crying because of Harry- not because I was hurt.

I have yet to lose my love for that series (this year marking my fourth year of being a fan) and have yet found a book that I liked nearly as much or made such a profound impact on my life.

But enough of my history. Here are five things you should know about me!

1) I am a hard reader to please: I read with a critical eye and like books that has a deeper meaning behind the text.

2) Harry Potter is my favorite genre (to all of you saying that Harry Potter isn't a genre, it is.)

3) I don't go easy on books, meaning that I don't sugarcoat my reviews.

4) Reading is my passion, and I love all of the recommendations I can get.

Thank you, Sheridan for allowing me to post on your blog!



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